Ep 3: BEST-SELF with Nick Crocker

Episode Summary

For the third episode of A Lot To Say Podcast, we dive into it with Nick Crocker, Partner at Blackbird Ventures. We discuss bringing your best to family and work, obsessions with music, bringing the future forward in investment processes and the permissionlessness of leaping into tech entrepreneurship.

Episode Notes

Nick Crocker is a Partner at Blackbird Ventures - he runs the Blackbird Melbourne office and sits on the boards of Culture Amp, nura, Applied, Eucalyptus, XY Sense & Startmate.

Along with launching Startmate in Melbourne, growing numerous startups and now with Blackbird, helping to supercharge Australian and New Zealand’s most ambitious technology company founders, Nick also produces an awesome curated weekly Substack newsletter ‘Branches’ which I highly recommend checking out!

Previously, Nick worked on Product Strategy & Operations at Under Armour Connected Fitness and was a Product Manager at MyFitnessPal, the world's most popular health and fitness application, acquired by Under Armour in 2015.

A few points in the chit-chat:

  1. The day to day at Blackbird and origins
  2. The evolution of mentorship
  3. Earning the good times in parenting
  4. Bringing your best to family and work
  5. Physically disconnecting from work
  6. A relationship with music
  7. Experimentation and creation of new products
  8. Bringing the future forward in the investment process
  9. Educational journey
  10. Permissionlessness of leaping into entrepreneurship

Notes and Links:

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